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Itís made! Just wanted to let you know that my first attempt at building something this involved was successful.  The directions were easy to follow, and any imperfections in the final product are due to my inexperience. The horses took right to it, and if the two dominant ones donít start sharing with the low-dominance horse, Iíll happily build another one.  I predict that if the hay wastage drops 25-33%, Iíll have a two-month pay back on this project. I feed hay year round since my horses are on a dry-lot situation, and they were wasting a lot of hay and making a lot of mess. I have tried other options (ground feeding, racks over a bunk feeder, etc), and I think this may be the perfect choice

-Paula N, North Carolina

Just want you to know how much I LOVE my slow grazers! The horses now have hay available 24/7 and they work great. We put about 1/3 bale local hay in and fluff it up and top it with a flake or two of orchard/alfalfa. No more wasted hay, less mess, and I love to sit on the edge and talk to my horse while he eats. 2x3 would have sufficed, but neither of our guys are complaining about the large portions!
The senior horse is a big boy and he has a little trouble getting the hay out of the grate, sometimes I wish they were slightly larger, but then we might have more waste.

Thanks for the great, local product,

I wanted to let you know that I LOVE my new feeder.  My horse, Peak, had no trouble figuring it out.  He also looks slimmer to me.  Too soon to be weight loss, but he was probably getting bloated the way he used to eat.

A benefit I didn't expect is stall cleanup -- quick and easy because it is only manure and not a bunch of wasted hay.  Great box!

-Sue H, Olympia WA

Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful feeder.  Jay took to it immediately.  So funny!  He pushed all the hay on top aside and started pulling hay through the grid.  Silly boy!  Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that it is installed and full of hay and already I think my boy is happier having access to hay without having to wait for me to show up with it.  The box is beautiful and I am another happy customer!  Best of luck with the business!!

-Gay T, Olympia WA

This note is so overdue!! Having said that I must share my experience with your product the Slow Glazer. I have a Rocky Mtn/Kentucky Mtn mare, that I have had for 3 years. When I purchased her she weighed 985 and stood about 15.3. She needed weight as my use of her will be in the mountains. I enjoy many miles of mountain riding and would soon begin training her for this. So started to help her put on weight as we began our training. We tried everything supplements, oil, more supplements etc. She would get 2-3 flakes in the morning same at night and in the pasture in between and the weight was really slow coming. She would pull her hay out of the feeder and then step all over it. She was wasting it and not getting much inside of her. This was frustrating for me to watch. Tried feeding her out of a hay bag with strings where the hay was accessible. This helps but didn't last long as she would chew the strings and we were back to large amounts of hay being pulled through, hitting the ground and she would walk on it and not eat it!

After getting the Slow Glazer our lives have changed in a HUGE way. She has gained the needed weight. She doesn't require the large amounts of oil and supplements. She eats all of her hay with absolutely NO waste. She took right to the feeder. I can put a bale of hay inside and she has access to it whenever she needs it and she eats it not wasting it.

I cannot express in words the gratitude we have for this solution!!
Rosie our mare is happy, healthy and loves the mountain riding we do regularly.
Thank you so very much for the great feeding solution. Its perfect for Rosie and for us.

-Ann M, Maple Valley WA

I just got a 2 x 4 slow grazer with a hinged lid for my yearling filly.  I am delighted with the product for two reasons. 1- she eats her hay all day long.  It is so natural to how horses guts work. If she can't walk around and travel to graze at least she can work a little to eat.  2- She will never learn the bad attitude and impatience during feeding time that I see so many horses display.  She isn't even greedy with her grain because she isn't starving between feedings.   Thanks for a great product!

-Cindy S, Pullman WA


 Two weeks ago I purchased two 4 x 4 slow grazer boxes and absolutely love them.  The fjords cannot open them, have not chewed on them, and actually seem to like the challenge required to get the hay out.  I have always weighed my hay so that I know exactly how much I am feeding and it is taking them 4-5 times longer on average to finish their hay.  When given the option of a loose flake or hay trapped behind a grate they seem to prefer having to pull it thru the grate.

-Marcia P., Ellensburg WA


I purchased 3 of the 2íx4í slowgrazers at rendezvous in Ellensburg. They are hands down the most efficient horse related item I have ever purchased. They perform as well if not better than advertised and are incredibly well constructed. The horses adapted to them immediately (of course it is the food source). There is zero hay wastage and more importantly each horse is getting his full allotment of forage. Most of the wastage before was from them fouling their hay and then not eating it. As that hay got trampled into the other bedding and the mud it became an added burden to the cleanup process.

So not only are the nutritional and wastage issues dealt with effectively, the cleanup is also easier.

Thanks a bunch!

Tom P, Puyallup WA

I am so glad I picked the Slow Grazer! I was considering a similar product that is made of all plastic, and was reading some reviews where people noticed scratches on the plastic piece the horses have to eat through. I know I don't want my horses ingesting little bits of plastic .. who knows what that could do to their sensitive tummies! The risk just isn't worth it to me and my horses destroy hay nets so I thought I was out of luck. I am so glad I found the Slow Grazer, it's working great!
-Janet C
Chehalis, WA

The box is working really well.  And I believe our hay wastage has dropped to zero!!!  We have had our new mare for about 10 days and she had already created a nice carpet of hay and gravel/mud where we were feeding her.  That has not been added to since starting to use the box.  She adapted to it quickly.  As yet she has not gotten into it, I was sure she would.  Nice job with these boxes!!
-Larry R
Maple Valley, WA

I just wanted to let you know that Cyrano is loving his grazing box so far and hasn't been able to outsmart it yet (knock wood). We put it under his big shelter Friday evening and filled it just under halfway with his grass hay, putting two flakes on top. He munched and munched and munched his way through, and there was about the equivalent of one flake Sunday morning. This matched to what I've been feeding him perfectly, so I'm really very happy. I meant to take pictures this morning and then went and forgot my camera. I'll send you one soon.
Thank you so, so much. I thought Cyrano was the luckiest horse at the barn when I fed this morning. No more tossing good flakes of hay into the mud!
Alison H
Olympia WA

My recent experience using the feeder was fantastic. ... There was virtually no waste and it kept my mare busy most of the day...
-Karen Pickering, Northwest Horse Source Magazine Product Spotlight, March 2010

We are using the grazing box and quite pleased; it does what it is supposed to, keep the hay inside... It was nice to meet you both and we are pleased customers!
-Deb, Whidbey Island, WA

The lid makes all the difference with my 2x4 feeders! Now I can add a bale of hay to each stall feeder about every three days. It's amazing how that saves on chore time, and the horses always have hay in front of them, yet it seems like I'm feeding less. I love these feeders!
-John P, Lacey, WA

Pinecrest Stables uses Slow Grazers exclusively to feed our horses when they aren't on pasture, and to feed supplemental hay when pasture grass is low. It has revolutionized the way we feed hay and I can't imagine going back to any other way! We tried racks, nets, round bales, and feeding on mats and using Slow Grazers beats them all hands down!
-Shannon, Olympia WA


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