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How does it work?

The SLOW GRAZER hay feeder is a "slow feeder" designed to offer continual limited access to forage while eliminating waste.

slow hay feeder 2x4 open

Slow feeders are designed to limit the rate at which a horse can consume hay, by only allowing them to remove one small mouthful of hay at a time from the feeder. Horses by nature are trickle feeders, designed to constantly consume small amounts of forage rather than ingest 2 or 3 large meals and spend long periods of time without food. The horse's stomach is always producing acid, and if they don't have access to forage all the time for the stomach to digest, health problems can result.

Our SLOW GRAZER was born out of necessity. There were several problems we were trying to solve on our boarding farm. One, we wanted our horses to have free choice access to hay because we know it's healthiest for them. This is sometimes done by offering round bales or large amounts of hay in traditional pasture feeders. However when we tried this our horses gained an unhealthy amount of weight!

In addition to the overconsumption issue, our horses also wasted a ridiculous amount of hay. Round bales were quickly spread out and soiled, and traditional feeders and bins allowed our horses to pull large amounts of hay out at once where it was then trampled into a deep, muddy mess.


Slow feeder 4x4 two horses sharingWe also wanted our horses to be able to eat in a natural head-down position, but feeding from the ground or on mats also led to 50% of our hay being wasted and presented the additional dangers of consumption of dirt and sand.

Finally, our horses are kept in a natural herd environment with as much turn-out as possible, so we needed a feeder we could use outdoors and that would stand up to horse-play. At the same time, we needed something safe that our horses couldn't get wrapped up in (no hay nets please!).

When we discovered the slow feeding movement, we realized this was the best way to feed horses, hands down. However after much searching, we couldn't find anything that met all our needs at a reasonable price, so with input from some great horsey friends we developed the SLOW GRAZER hay feeder.


Ali Grazing from slow feeder


The SLOW GRAZER is a very stoutly built wooden box. Hay is placed in the box and a specially designed 2 gauge wire grate with 2.75" square openings is placed on top. The weight of the grate keeps it pressed against they hay below, and the size of the openings allows horses to remove just one mouthful at a time. When fed the same amount of hay in the box versus on the ground, horses generally have hay available for 5 times as long (for us about 20 hours per day), and not a scrap gets wasted!


Check out our video below to see how quick and easy it is to load your Slow Grazer!



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