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 Pricing and Availability

We feel all horses should be Slow Grazing! For all you horse owners in the rest of the world, we have introduced a Do It Yourself kit! The DIY kit includes a 2'x4' grate, detailed step-by-step instructions, materials list and tools list and photos. We spent two years of research and development getting the details just right and are happy to share our experience.

**NEW! 4x4 kits available now!**
contact us for pricing as delivery costs vary greatly depending on your location.

2x4 DIY Kit
The DIY kit comes with a 2'x4' grate, and a pattern for construction of the box and lid, which includes a materials list, tools required list, and detailed step by step illustrated instructions. No wood or fasteners are included.
Price: $65
Credit card payment for DIY kits is accepted via Paypal. A Paypal account is not required to process the order; simply choose 'Check Out' rather then 'Check out with Paypal' then 'Don't have a paypal account' on the next page.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to grate material sourcing constraints, DIY kits are shipped once each week, on Friday afternoons. Orders placed by 4pm Thursday will be shipped by the following Friday.

Shipping costs vary depending on your location. Please see the estimated shipping cost map below:
Shipping Zone Map

DIY Instructions Only
Don't need the grate? You can purchase the instructions only, which includes a materials list, tools required list, and detailed step by step illustrated instructions. No materials or grate are included.
Price: $35


Q: Can I buy just the grate?
A: We do not sell the grates separately.

Q: If I purchase multiple Kits, do I get discounted shipping?
A: Shipping costs are determined by weight. Shipping estimates provided above are per grate costs.

Q: Can you tell me where I might be able to buy one of your grates near where I live?
A: We special order grates that meet our specification. You might be able to find something similar at a local feed store, but materials available in different areas vary widely. We do STRONGLY CAUTION AGAINST the use of grates with larger or smaller size openings. Larger openings can present an entrapment risk, and smaller openings can make it difficult for the average horse to eat through the grate.

PLEASE NOTE: DIY Kit sales are intended for personal use only. Our feeder design is trademarked and copyrighted. We spent many years developing and perfecting our design, and request that you respect our intellectual property rights. Any reproduction of our design, reproduction of any of the materials on this site or of the DIY Kit instructions, or sale of products based on our design is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!

~ delivery available throughout the West ~

For more information about the SLOW GRAZER,
email us at or reach us by phone at (360) 480-5164


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