Slow Grazer 

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BY POPULAR DEMAND ~ DIY KIT ON SALE NOW! Check out the pricing page to purchase!

Tired of watching your expensive hay get trampled into the muck? Want to allow your horses continual restricted access to forage to keep them healthy and happy?

Try the one and only SLOW GRAZER Slow Hay Feeder!

Slow Grazer slow hay feeder - two horses sharing


· Eliminates hay waste
· Slows consumption allowing horses to ‘trickle feed’ all day
· Stops mealtime anxiety
· Extends feeding time by up to 500%
· Allows horses to eat in a natural head down position
· Prevents consumption of dirt and sand
· Easy to fill with hay
· Prevents boredom and stable vices
· Encourages sharing
· Built heavy and low to the ground - horses can't turn it over
· No assembly or mounting required
· Economical - less than half the cost of similar products
· Convenient - holds up to 200 pounds of hay
· SAFE! No sharp edges, nets or wires  

Check out the video below to see the SLOW GRAZER in action! The horse pictured is a 16.2hh Hanoverian to give you a sense of scale. The hay he's eating is an 80/20 orchard grass/alfalfa mix. You can see he uses his lips to work the hay up above the plane of the grid, then grabs with his teeth to pull it through. The next bit of hay pops up like the next tissue in a box.


~ as seen in Equus Magazine,'s Smart Horsekeeping Blog, and Northwest Horse Source Magazine! ~

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